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Printable Mexican Flag & Outline of Mexico

We are starting a new series here on LearnCreateLove.com! It’s called Around the World: Our Explorations into Different Countries, All While at Home! The first country we are learning about is Mexico! Seeing as Cinco de Mayo is just a few weeks away, I thought it would be the perfect time to teach Lorelai about Mexico.



So, to start, we did these two printables. The Mexican flag is pretty straight forward. She painted it using our tempera paint. The eagle emblem in the center is a little tricky, but a small paintbrush helped with that!


Lorelai colored her outline of Mexico with crayons and colored pencils. We read up on Mexican folk art and she tried her own hand at it (hence the different colors and patterns).

After she finished coloring, I brought out our globe and had Lorelai find Mexico. She knows it’s attached to the U.S., so it wasn’t hard for her to find. Daddy then pointed out where his parents (her grandparents) were from in Mexico, and told her about the type of housing. (Outdoor kitchen, open housing, etc.)

Open Mexican Flag & Open Outline of Mexico

We also read some facts about Mexico via the links below. While there is so much information out there about different countries, it is probably best to keep the information simple. Check out the links below for some fun facts on Mexico!

Mexico Facts & Pictures | National Geographic
Facts for Kids – Mexico | OOcities
A Kid’s Life in Mexico | ThinkQuest

Printable Instructions | Terms of Use | Facebook Page

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