Printable Castle Craft

Every prince, princess, or knight, needs a castle craft! Lorelai made her own princess castle by painting hers pink. I had originally labeled the craft as a ‘Princess Castle Craft’ but realized there’s nothing keeping it from being a prince’s castle! =) So for those of you with little boys, break out their favorite color and let them go at it. I didn’t include the flags on the printable since the flag poles are way too skinny. You can easily make your own with the scrap paper! Print below and enjoy. =)

Open Castle Printable

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  1. I stumbled accross this blog whilst looking for ideas for home made prncess wands and I wanted to thank you for the princess and tiara printables.

    I love making and doing things with my 4 year old but sometimes need something really simple and almost ‘instant’ – something for which I don’t have to spend any more than 1 minutes organising and setting out.

    These are great and I’m exited to make them with her tonight.

    Best wiehs,


  2. Printing Frozen Girls and castle today. I found you on Pinterest. I’ll be back again. Thanks for the crafts.

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