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Spring is officially here, and here in Houston, the weather today was BEAUTIFUL! 65 degrees and sunny – I couldn’t have asked for a nicer day. This afternoon, Lorelai and I headed to a local nature sanctuary and walked the trails while looking for items on our scavenger hunt list. This particular park is an “eyes only” park, so we couldn’t move logs and fallen sticks to look for more ants and beetles. We still had a great time!

The printable itself is 2 pages – 1 with some items filled in, and 1 completely blank. You could print two blank ones and use it that way. We will definitely be doing more scavenger hunts – at another park with animals, and at the Zoo!

There were certain items on the list (pine cones, flowers, tadpoles, etc) that were too many to count. So we did those by location – one tally for each section that has flowers, 1 tally for each section of the pond that had tadpoles, etc. Other items on the list that I added – flowering trees, trees with holes, vines, frogs & tadpoles, bridges, squirrels, lizards, and more.

Overall, it was a fun afternoon activity that got us moving. We walked the trails for an hour and a half, stopping frequently to check out the tadpoles and frogs, all of the different flowers, and admiring the running creek that cut through the center of the park. Print the pages below, and as always, enjoy!

Open Scavenger Hunt Printable

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