Paper Roll Bracelets Craft


Homemade jewelry is the BEST, especially when you have a little girl at home. Lorelai absolutely loved making these [toilet] paper roll bracelets! It was messy fun with paint, sequins, and glitter flying in all directions! The first time I saw a similar craft to these was on About, but I have also seen many […]

Paper Roll Frog Craft

prfrog (1)

We are no strangers to frog crafts and have made many — printable frog, lady frog, printable tree frog, fun “orange” frog. We were overdue for a new frog craft, and this paper roll frog was the perfect thing. I actually got this idea from Lore’s old preschool. One of teachers had clipped their paper […]

{ Playdate with Daddy: Paper Roll Marble Run }


Hey guys, I would like to introduce you to my husband, “M”. He wrote this fun post for you all! It took him a while and he wanted me to point out that he is not a writer, though I think he did a great job! Leave him some feedback in the comments. I would […]

{ Paper Roll Cat Craft }


We recently adopted two (rescued) cats – Bellatrix (9 months), a straight black cat with a missing eye, and Pepper (2.5ish years old) who was born without a tail. They are both soooo sweet – sweeter than my cats back home even, but don’t tell them that! I don’t think Lorelai even realized that the […]

{ Paper Roll Snowflake Prints }


¬† A couple of weeks ago, Lorelai did Paper Roll Flower Prints. She enjoyed it so much that she asked to do it again. However, instead of doing colored paint on white paper, I let her do white paint on dark blue paper…. to make the prints snowflakes! After she did the prints, she used […]

{ Paper Roll Penguin Craft }


A cold front came through this morning, leaving us thin-blooded Texans shivering in our cowgirl boots. Okay, leaving LORE shivering in her cowgirl boots. =) Minus the shivering… it’s not actually that cold. Haha! She asked to do a penguin craft today after we put up our new privacy fence on the patio. My mind […]

{ Handprint & Paper Roll Angel Craft }

Handprint Angel Craft

It has been a few days since we actually made this craft, but with everything going on lately, I just haven’t had time (or the desire) to blog it. This one is very simple and only took us a couple of minutes to do. We have done several other angel crafts in the past: Printable […]

{ Paper Roll Turkey Craft }

Paper Roll Turkey Craft

Ever since I saw this craft on Pinterest, I knew we would have to do it! I can’t do a direct link since I’ve seen so many versions of the same one, and oddly didn’t pin any of them. (Oops!) Anyway, tonight after dinner, Lorelai excitedly painted this little guy. He was so simple to […]

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