Paper Roll Octopus Craft

Cute Octopus Craft

This little octopus came out SO cute. Lorelai was cooing sweet words to it the entire time she was painting, which was pretty hysterical. (She needs a sibling… but let’s not go there now, haha.) This one was easy (as are all the crafts we do) and took very little time to do. Less than 5 minutes, not counting the drying time.

What We Used:
Toilet Paper Roll
Tempera Paint
Googly Eyes


  1. Cut 8 strips (tentacles) from the bottom of the paper roll to about halfway up the roll. Take your time and try to get all of the strips the same width.
  2. Once you’re finished cutting, press the roll down onto your work surface and curl up the ends a little.
  3. Paint the paper roll and allow to dry.
  4. Glue on the googly eyes.
  5. Draw on a smile.

See? Another easy craft! Don’t ever throw away paper rolls – they can be used for so many cute crafts! Don’t have one on hand? Check out LCL’s Printable Octopus Craft!

OCTOPUS FACTS: National Geographic Octopus Facts

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