Homemade Maracas / Noise-Makers

Homemade Noise-Maker Maracas Craft
The materials + any paint/decorative elements
Staple 1 side of the empty paper roll.
Add beans - not too many. Staple the open side closed. Paint & Decorate!

Empty toilet paper rolls are great  for many crafts. I have a little stash in our laundry cabinet for times when we need a break from the printables. I got it in my head to make noisemakers today – I know, what was I thinking? =) I pulled out a couple of paper rolls, got the glitter glue and dried beans, and found my brand new mini-stapler. This craft was really simple.

Materials We Used:

  • 2  Paper Rolls
  • Stapler w/ staples
  • Dried Beans
  • Decorative Stuff (paint, glitter glue, etc)


  1. Staple 1 side of your paper roll shut. Try to get your staples as close as you can to the edge.
  2. Have your child pour some beans into the paper roll. Don’t over fill or your noise maker won’t make much noise.
  3. Staple the open end shut.
  4. Your paper roll will be pretty flat after stapling the other side. Squeeze the middle gently to “puff up” the cardboard so that the beans inside will have space to roll around and make noise.
  5. Decorate!
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