Paper Roll Butterfly Craft

Paper Roll Butterfly Craft


Draw the wings

This craft was planned by Lorelai herself. The other day she asked to make a butterfly out of a toilet paper roll. I saved it for today since I knew it would go along well with the egg carton caterpillar that she crafted this morning. Having already used paint today, we went the construction paper route to change things up.

1 Toilet Paper Roll
Construction Paper – we used three colors: orange, red, and purple
Glue stick
Googly Eyes
Marker/Pencil to draw the mouth

What We Did:

  1. Cut out a rectangle of construction paper to cover the toilet paper roll. Lay it down on the edge, marking where the end of the TP roll sits, and roll to cover, add more marks, and then cut out. You can skip this step and just leave it brown, or paint!
  2. Glue down the construction paper to the paper roll.
  3. Lay the paper roll on a new sheet of construction paper and draw wings out from the side.
  4. Cut out the wings
  5. Glue them down to the back of the paper roll. (Make sure the seam from the first construction paper is facing towards the back.)
  6. Cut out circles or other shapes to decorate the wings with, then glue them down.
  7. Cut two thin antennas out of construction paper. We glued them down inside the paper roll.
  8. Glue on the googly eyes
  9. Draw on the mouth
  10. You’re done!! See? Easy peasy!
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  1. Hello! I just wanted you to know that I LOVE your blog so, so much! I found it via Pinterest and I am totally addicted. THANK YOU so much for all the wonderful ideas and printables! My 2.5 yo son is just loving every, single thing. Since I just had a new little one, we’re hanging out at home a bit more right now and your crafts are just a lifesaver. Thank you, thank you for sharing. LOVE!

  2. Hi Kimberly, I found your site while looking for ideas for butterflies. I am working in a preschool and thats our theme next week. I love the toilet roll guy and plan to use it for my little guys. Thank you very much.

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