Paper Roll Frankenstein Craft


Years ago, Lorelai and I made this paper roll Frankenstein craft. While it turned out cute, it does look unfinished. Lorelai came across it recently while browsing our site, and added it to her list of crafts to make. She re-made this adorable Frankenstein on Saturday and was much happier with how this one turned out. The major differences are she used black for the hair, and cardstock for the screws. It worked out a lot better this way!

– Paper roll, cleaned
– Marker
– Paint: black & green
– Scrap of cardstock paper
– Paintbrush
– Googly Eyes
– Scissors
– Glue

– Draw the hair line about an inch down from the top of the paper tube. On the scrap of cardstock, draw two screws for the neck.
– Paint Frankenstein green (always start with the lighter color!), and then his hair and the screw black.
– Allow to dry.
– Glue on the googly eyes, draw on the smile.
– Cut out the screws and glue them down. We used superglue so it would dry quickly, but regular glue will work as well. I ended up bending the very end of the screw so that it had a small space that laid flat and could be glued to the side.
– You’re done! Just allow everything to dry before playing with it!

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