Paper Roll Frog Craft

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We are no strangers to frog crafts and have made many — printable frog, lady frog, printable tree frog, fun “orange” frog. We were overdue for a new frog craft, and this paper roll frog was the perfect thing. I actually got this idea from Lore’s old preschool. One of teachers had clipped their paper roll froggies on the bulletin board and I thought it was the cutest thing ever. We finally got around to making one last week. I love how it turned out!

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Cutting the construction paper to size is really simple! To determine length: starting at the edge, roll the paper roll in the construction paper until it overlaps, mark the place so you know how long you will need it. To determine width: Lay the paper flat again and position the paper roll so that it’s right at the edge. Mark the other side of the paper roll so you will know how wide you need to cut it. Move the paper roll a few times to get a few markings to make it easier for you to cut.

prfrog (4)
prfrog (5)

I free-handed the legs. When you do this, make sure you draw on a little “extra” on the side that’s going to be glued to the paper roll. You will fold that part so that the legs can stick straight out of the paper roll. See example above.

prfrog (6)
Lorelai did most of this craft herself (besides me drawing the legs). She glued the eyeballs so that they extended up off of the paper roll (like a frog’s eyes!), and drew on the mouth with a pen.

Materials You Will Need
– Paper Roll
– Green Construction Paper
– Pen/writing utensil
– Glue
– Scissors
– Googly Eyes

Directions and tips are under the photos above. =)

I hope you get a chance to make this paper roll frog. It was the perfect, no-frills after-school craft. It would be great paired with our Frog Life Cycle printables! Thanks for stopping by!

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