{ Paper Roll Flower Prints }

Paper Roll Flower Prints
Paper Roll Flower Prints
Our TP rolls
Our TP rolls
We love messy art!
We love messy art!
All done!
All done!

New Year’s Eve was a long one for us. Lorelai was determined to stay up and M (my husband) was working late. To fill the time, Lorelai and I got on Pinterest and looked through some of my boards. I had pinned this super cute art project a long time ago, and I’m glad I did. It was very easy and produced great results. Thanks Getting Messy with Ms. Jessi! We’ll be doing this one again and again.

What You’ll Need:
Toilet Paper Rolls

What to Do:
Cut slits around one end of the toilet paper roll. From there, you can leave them rectangular, or snip the ends into different shapes. (I did one rectangular, and curved the ends on one for a true flower look). Next, gently fold up the snipped ends, dip into paint, and then press onto paper. We made sure to press down each petal before lifting up from the paper.

Tip: Use white paint for snowflakes!

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Drop me a line in the comments if you plan to do, or have done, this one! I’d love to hear feedback!

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