{ Playdate with Daddy: Paper Roll Marble Run }

Hey guys, I would like to introduce you to my husband, “M”. He wrote this fun post for you all! It took him a while and he wanted me to point out that he is not a writer, though I think he did a great job! Leave him some feedback in the comments. I would love for him to come back again and share more of his activities!


From the look of this website, I know it seems as if Mommy is the one doing all of the artsy crafts and activities with our daughter. For the most part, that is true. Sometimes I take a break from the board games, dolls, and the occasional wrestling match (in which I seldom win), to participate in the crafty. This was one of those times. Our marble run project was a good hands-on activity for both of us.
Lorelai enjoyed doing this project with me. She got frustrated a few times when the tape wouldn’t stick properly, or when the marble fell to the ground because of an incorrectly-placed track. Once it was finished, she was proud of her work.

For this project you will need: paper rolls, scissors, tape, and marbles. And maybe a little patience as well.


  • Cut the paper rolls in half to make the tracks.
  • Tape the tracks together to make longer tracks.
  • Then tape them to the wall. It’s easiest to tape the first section up, test with a marble, then tape the next section according to where the marble fell in the first run.
  • This is pretty much trial and error. You might have to move your tracks a couple of times in order to get the marbles to land perfectly.
  • The pictures don’t show it, but we put a little cup at the bottom so the marble would make a noise at the bottom.

This was a fun afternoon activity. As a working dad, it’s nice to carve out time to do a project with my daughter. I hope you can find time to make a marble run with your kid.

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