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Theme Recap: 5 Senses

5 Senses Week

I had planned this theme so that everything could be done in one week, but life got busy and it took us two complete weeks to get through it. Overall, Lorelai really enjoyed learning about her 5 senses, the experiments, and crafts. I also liked learning about the different animals that use their senses. Some I wouldn’t have thought of!

So, here’s our week in review:







Other LCL Printable Crafts:
~~ Hearing: Bat, Dolphin, Dog, Elephant
~~ Sight: Eagle, Bee, Octopus
~~ Taste: Pig, Rabbit
* Visit this site to see how the above animals use the listed senses!

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  1. Just wanted to say I love your ideas that you send out they are fantastic.
    I am a family day care educator and I was wondering do you have a perpetual calendar(not sure if that is spelt right) as I have been hunting one of these down for ages.
    Keep the great work coming.


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