{ Still Learning }

So our preschool program is well underway. We didn’t do much yesterday because I wasn’t feeling well, but we’re back on it now.

Today we read The Crow by Alison Paul. I love this book. Great artwork, rhyming text, about a boy who wakes up to find a crow looking at him through the window. His imagination goes wild about all of the things he thinks the crow is (a thief, pirate, etc).

Who You Callin’ Chicken! was next. Cute book all about roosters. We didn’t read much of the text since it’s not in story form, but Lore did enjoy looking at the pictures.

Numbers and Letters! She loves this little writing book.

Matching like this is a great way for toddlers to learn their numbers. Lore has always learned well this way – it’s how she learned her lowercase alphabet – by matching the baby letter to the mommy letter. =) First she counts the dots on the left, then finds the number on the right.

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