{ Preschool Begins! }

Preschool week is here! I wrote up this schedule last night in an attempt to be organized, and what do you know, it worked! We woke up late today, but started first thing. Lore was excited to get to read 2 of her new books.

We started with writing first. The marker she used was big and clunky and awkward, but the smaller marker I was going to give her apparently dried up- boo!

Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Lou Lou this morning, working on writing her letters:

After writing and reviewing the letters, we went on to “math”. I’ve been working on addition with Lou randomly by saying one plus one (while showing fingers) is…? And she would count my fingers. Because I was too lazy to do prep work last night and cut out feathers, I ended up just using the white board on her easel to draw eggs and get her to “add” more and count them. She got bored quickly and wanted to color – go figure. I hate math, too. =P

Bird anatomy book came next. She learned about the feathers, wings, and feet, and was really interested to learn that birds sat in trees and gripped the branches with their talons.

The on to the fun part… craft time! Really basic again, because I’m still tired from a bad nights’ sleep. She painted some ducks.

One day down! The “activities” will happen throughout the day.

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