Printable Lion Craft

Printable Lion Craft

Good morning! I hope everyone had a great weekend. Ours was really low key. The only thing notable that we did was watch a few movies and the Super Bowl. Lorelai managed to catch a cold so she’s been sneezy and wheezy all weekend and it’s still going strong. She’s in good spirits, however, and requested we do the lion craft I made last week. She kept asking to do it this weekend but we would always get sidetracked before we could do it. So after breakfast, we went out on the patio and she got to painting.

As you can see, she chose a pink/red combo. She’s in total Valentines Day mode. It’s not a ‘holiday’ I would celebrate normally, but having a sweet little girl pretty much seals the deal – we do Valentines Day now. =) Also, I drew on the nose and she colored it in, and we used googly eyes. Everything is included in the printable below – it’s just faster to not cut out those tiny pieces.

Open Lion Printable

Facts About Lions

  • Lions, the largest feline on the African continent, is considered a vulnerable species as their numbers have dropped at least 30% in the last 20 years.
  • They now live exclusively in the sub-Saharan Africa in groups called ‘prides’. There is a very small group of Asian lions living in the Gir Forest of India.
  • Prides are made up of 5-15 females and 1 male.
  • Both male and female lions can roar.
  • Lionesses hunt together to catch gazelle, zebra, warthog and antelope.
  • Lions are the most dominant predator within its environment, so other animals pose little threat to them.
  • Read more about lions here.

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