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Printable Pretend Play Set: Restaurant



Pretend play is my five-year-old’s favorite way to play. Ever since I made the Pet Adoption & Vet Clinic Pretend Play printable sheets, she has requested again and again for more. I finally got around to making this Restaurant set last night, with her glued to my side and making suggestions here and there. There are two versions of the main Restarurant Menu; one is empty and one is full of general, kid-friendly foods that Lorelai helped me pick out. You could always print out (or clip from a magazine!) pictures of food and add them that way. There is also a sheet for a standard “receipt”. Nothing fancy… just fun!!




Lorelai and I made “food” with her play dough and we took turns being the server/chef. We play this all of the time anyway, but it really was neat to have the printable there! I was initially going to laminate the sheets like I did with the Pet Adoption sheets, but I couldn’t find the pouches. I pulled out a standard sheet protector (like the kind you would put in a binder) and it worked great!! It was actually a LOT easier to erase the marker on the sheet protector than on laminate. I will definitely be faux-laminating our printables from now on. =)

Well, there you have it! Another fun pretend play printable set to play with! Print below and enjoy!

Restaurant Menu (blank) & Restaurant Menu (filled) & Receipt

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  1. LOVE THIS! it seems kids play pretend less and less these days so anything to help encourage that gets 5 stars from me! THANKS FOR THE GREAT PRINTABLES!

  2. These are great! My daughter and son were playing restaurant this past weekend and they would have loved these! I printed them out so they can play again.

    ps – thanks for all of the work you do! We enjoy everything!! 🙂

  3. You are so creative. One of my daughter’s loves worksheets and one detests them. The one who doesn’t like them LOVES to play pretend. This is a great way to have her practice some writing skills while having fun at the same time.

    Thank you so much for all that you do!

  4. I downloaded this pretend play set also for my grandson. Thank you for sharing. Any chance you might make a library theme pretend play set? Thanks, Gwyn

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