Paper Bag Owl Puppet Craft


Owls have always been a favorite of ours, both to craft and look at. A local park has an enclosure building with all kinds of injured birds that can no longer protect themselves in the wild, including a bunch of owls. We go there often to play and we make sure to stop to see the owls every time. I have an owl app on my phone that has real-life owl calls (it’s called Audubon Owls, in case you’re interested). I’ve played calls to the Barred Owls in the enclosure and they always get excited and hoot back at us. So exciting!


Anyway, we have done a bunch of owl crafts in the past, including these: Owl Printable Craft | Horned Owl Printable Craft | Barn Owl Printable Craft | Snowy Owl Printable Craft | Mini Owl Printable Craft | Paper Roll Owl | Handprint Owl | Owl Mask | Baby Owl Craft



Making a paper bag owl puppet was a nice change of pace, and Lorelai really enjoyed getting to play with the puppet afterward. The directions are really straight forward, but I’ll write it out to be thorough. =)

What You’ll Need:
Brown Paper Bag/Lunch sack
Construction Paper – white, black, brown (x2), yellow
Glue Stick

What to Do:

  • On your brown paper, draw the wings, large triangle for the head part, and the belly oval. Cut out. Tip: For the wings, I just drew one wing, then layered the two pieces of brown paper together and cut out that way. I wanted the wings to be symmetrical.
  • Draw the beak on the yellow paper. Cut out.
  • Draw the eyes on the white paper. Cut out. (You can cut out black circles from the black paper if you want… I just colored in the inside of the eyes with my marker.)
  • Draw the feet on the black paper. Cut out.
  • Now just glue everything down onto your paper bag!
  • Last, have your child draw the squiggles on the owl’s belly!

Extra: Have feathers? Let your child decorate his/her owl paper bag puppet with those!

I hope you get a chance to make a paper bag owl puppet with your child. I’m sure he/she will love it!

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