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I’ve mentioned before that I do a pretty laid-back preschool program with Lore. After our trip to MD, I’ve hesitated in getting back into it because I wanted her to re-adjust to being home again. I really need to step it back up, though. I used to plan it out so that each week would be a certain theme. I definitely plan on getting back into that – just not this week. =) Here’s what we did today:

Kumon Workbooks. These books are awesome. We’ve had them forever, but we don’t use them every day. This one below is the Tracing Book.

This one is the Uppercase Alphabet Letters.

She likes to sprawl out and take her time.

After the workbooks (she only did a page or two of each), I pulled out the flashcards I bought up in Maryland.

I really like these cards because she has to line them up to make a word! She usually goes by the picture, but then will point to each letter and say them. The back of the cards have short sentences with pictures, but that’s way too advanced for her right now.

Lou got this next book from my little cousins for her birthday. It’s a pretty awesome book with 8 sides that she can write on with a dry-erase. There are letters (upper and lower), numbers, shapes, draw & write, etc. She was getting tired of letters and such and didn’t want to work on it today, so we didn’t.

Last thing we did was play with her large Melissa and Doug World Map Puzzle. Have I mentioned how in love with M&D stuff I am? Great quality and the best thing is that it’s a US-based company that keeps its work in the country. Can’t beat that!

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  1. Abby has two different versions of the dry erase letter books and loves them! I need to drag out her kumon tracing notebook I know we have one I just don’t remember where I put it since she was a little too young to do them when we purchased them.

  2. I also love M&D stuff. My son is obsessed with their puzzles. I too like that they are a US Company, but sadly the majority of their products are actually made in China. I was under the impression that they made everything here in the USA but it’s not true. Just thought I’d pass that info along to you.
    Anyway….I’m a new reader to your blog and I enjoy it.

  3. Lauren, I just checked some of our M&D stuff and sure enough… made in China! I don’t know where I got the idea that it was 100% U.S.-made. What a disappointment. =( Thanks for pointing that out! I’m going to go edit the post now.

    Take care!!

  4. I like M & D stuff too, but try to get less of that now since I found out about a year ago that mostly everything is made in China. They have great marketing though, convinced me their products were wholesome American! 😉

  5. I know! I was so disappointed when I found out it was made in China too….I also was under the impression that everything was US made. I still like their products though.

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