Harvest Corn Craft

I was looking on google last night for inspiration for today’s craft. In all honesty, I probably could have saved this one for November (for Thanksgiving) but I wanted to do something different with the beads we have. So, harvest corn it is! In retrospect, I probably should have made the husks a dark yellow in stead of green, but… oh well! A 3-year-old doesn’t really care. She had fun making a mess out of the beads!

Materials: Tissue Paper, glue, a piece of cardstock, beads of varying colors, and scissors to cut the tissue paper.

Draw your best corn outline. I did the husks first so that I could get the tissue paper out of the way. The beading was last. I soaked the middle with glue – it’s going to take a lot to keep the beads on the page.

The finished product:

Have I mentioned that I love corn? I grew up on a farm in Maryland that grows corn [almost] every year. As kids, my brothers and I would play hide and seek (both at day and night!) in it and would spend hours running the rows. It was always neat to see the corn go from this little seed to a towering stalk. Here are a couple of pictures of Lou in the corn before we moved to Texas:

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  1. Hehe, thanks Candice! I miss that age, surprsingly! LOL!

    (BTW, somebody commented on my FB that I put her in that dress on purpose for pics – I didn’t! As you can tell from previous posts, she’s rarely dressed up nicely with her hair done. She was just playing dress up this morning.)

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