{ Foam Stickers & Construction Paper }


The title of this post says it all. Yesterday evening before bedtime, I transferred a bunch of foam sticker packages into a plastic bin. Lorelai asked to make a picture, and since we still had some time before bed, I agreed. We sat at the kitchen table and cut up construction paper, used glue sticks to adhere the pieces to the paper, and attached the foam stickers. It was a simple, quiet, not-too-messy project.

It was nice to step back from the paints, play dough, and sensory materials. I taught Lorelai how to make “grass” with green construction paper. She cut out the tree parts and the sun. We picked out stickers for each other.


Foam stickers are constantly on sale at Target and Michaels. Keep your eyes peeled for good deals – I never pay full price!

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