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Printable Letter Animals: A-E

Hi, friends! It’s been a while since I’ve posted here on LearnCreateLove. It’s been quite busy around here. We just finished up our first year of homeschool and have been enjoying our crazy summer. I’ve been working on things for the girls, craft-wise and school-wise, so you will be seeing more content soon!

Madeline is now 4 and is starting homeschool pre-k. I designed her these alphabet letters so she could practice letter sounds while having fun painting. We went over each letter as she painted and came up with other words that started with that letter. She really enjoyed it! I did end up cutting these out for her since she doesn’t quite have the patience for complicated curves and whatnot, though she did glue everything. =)

You can find the other alphabet letters here: F-J, K-O, P-T, U-Z

Open & Print: Animal Letter Crafts: A-E

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  1. Hi. I was able to print all of these and am so excited to see how my students love them. The one thing I had a question about was how to fit them to size on a letter size, normal, paper? When I printed mine it cut off some parts of each page.

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