Popsicle Stick & Bead Caterpillar Craft


I am so thankful to have had the time to sit down and make some crafts with Lorelai this weekend. She had a fever Saturday morning and was just feeling icky. By Saturday evening, she came around and asked me if we could do something together. Knowing what would cheer her up, I pulled out some craft materials and she instantly brightened.


First we made some Beaded Butterfly Art, then moved on to this one. I actually brainstormed this one while making the butterfly. I saw our mini popsickle sticks and the idea of making caterpillars with them came to me. I’m glad – making them is fun and easy, and SO cute!


I actually didn’t tell Lorelai what I was making while she finished her butterfly. I wanted to make sure it would actually turn out as I imagined in my head. It worked! I accidentally cut the antennae too long, but we both agreed that it was WAY cuter this way!!


Making these caterpillars actually gave us a chance to use our ultra tiny googly eyes that I bought a while back. Honestly, I think that’s the best thing about these colorful creatures– their teensy weensy eyes!


Materials Needed:
– Mini Popsicle Sticks*
– Pony Beads*
– Glue
– Mini Googly Eyes (ours are 5mm)
– Cardstock & Scissors for the antennae

* These materials were generously provided to us by our friends at CraftProjectIdeas.com! Thanks so much – we’ve loved using them!

– Add a thick line of glue down one side of the mini popsicle stick. Add beads. Each stick will take approximately 7 beads.
– Determine which side is the head, then glue down the googly eyes. Carefully attach them!
– Cut out two long antennae for your caterpillar. You might have to add an extra dab of glue in the head bead. It’s okay if they fall over slightly. Once it dries, you can adjust them easily by bending slightly.
– Allow to dry, and you’re done!


We have made a bunch of fun caterpillar crafts in the past, including these — Hungry Caterpillar, Caterpillar Collage Craft, & Egg Carton Caterpillar Craft. Check them out!

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