Caterpillar Collage

I made this printable this evening while waiting for my homemade chicken noodle soup to season on the stove. Lorelai has gotten attached to this book by Eric Carle. Actually, we’re huge Eric Carle fans in this house – we have almost every book of his. I love the style of his animals. We’ve been doing painting crafts like that since Lorelai could hold a paintbrush. I would come up with an animal or flower, cut out a bunch of different shapes, and then let her paint. When she was done, I would glue them together to make a picture, Eric Carle style.

So a little different tonight, I let her make a collage – each circle is decorated completely different. This craft, like many I’ve posted, is very versatile. Don’t want to use paint, dried split peas, or tissue paper? Just use crayons. The possibilities are endless. I do recommend printing on cardstock so that it’s sturdy. I thought we had run out, but I found a few pieces hiding in the bottom of the craft box – yay!

^ I used a spare piece of scrapbooking paper (12×12) to glue the pieces onto. It was a tight fit. You could just glue them together and let them be free-standing. 🙂

* Note: “Butterfly” was fixed to “Caterpillar”!

This is a printable! Oh, the antennas can be cut off and you could add your own afterward. Mâyo (my husband) is a perfectionist and didn’t mind cutting them out while I did the craft with Lorelai. I wanted to add them just in case. =)

UPDATE #2: I fixed the error (I had originally put “butterfly collage”). It was killing me, lol.

Open Caterpillar Collage Printable

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