Printable Hungry Caterpillar Craft


The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle is one of our favorite books. We read it all the time! So when Lorelai brought me the book last week and asked me if she could do a caterpillar craft, I said of course. I printed out our old caterpillar craft and she pointed to the book and said, “Like Cattie!” This new printable isn’t exactly the same, but it has the a similar body shape. And no worries – I didn’t make 30 ovals for you to cut out. The body is all one piece. Eric Carle is a HUGE inspiration to me. Obviously. =) I started designing crafts because I loved his style of painting, cutting, and piecing together. If you haven’t ready any of his books, you must!! Get on over to your favorite bookstore and pick up one or two or all of them. =)

Open Hungry Caterpillar Printable

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  1. O M G E THANK YOU SOO much for creating and sharing this! Hungry Caterpillar is Still one if my LOs favv stories!!!

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