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Learning About Rainforest Animals

Animals from each layer

Lorelai learned all about the animals of the rainforest today. We watched many videos on Youtube and the one above was definitely my favorite. I love how she went through each layer and gave examples. I made this cute printable this past Sunday when I was planning for the week. Each layer of the rainforest has a box, and in each box, Lorelai drew an animal that lives there. She picked out the animals (and insect) by herself. When I asked if the top picture was an eagle, she insisted that it was a toucan. =) Works for me! You can download/print below!

Open Rainforest Animals Printable

In other news, allergy season is well upon us here in Houston. My car was covered in yellow pollen yesterday and my whole family was miserable last night/this morning. My husband woke up in the middle of the night COVERED in blood. It looked like a crime scene! I woke up this morning with bags under my eyes (NEVER had that happen before!) and a headache, and Lorelai had an icky cough.

With all of that stuff and the heavy rain, we’ve been in kind of a funk today. We got around to doing this worksheet and a couple of crafts after dinner, but I’m saving those posts for tomorrow since they aren’t 100% finished yet. Stay tuned! =)

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