Homemade Moon Sand

Homemade Moon Sand
Playing with the moon sand

This fun activity was on my to-do list since Monday. I knew I wanted to end the week on a fun note, so in addition to the Spaceship & Aliens craft, Lorelai and I made up some moon sand! I’ll be honest… I’ve never actually played with any of the actual brand Moon Sand, so I don’t know what the texture is supposed to be like. Lorelai dubbed it, “Mushy and Squishy” so I’m guessing it’s right?

She ended up playing with it for a long time and then we mixed it in with the regular sandbox sand. I guess it will dry out eventually. =)

What We Used:
6 cups of regular play sand
3 cups of corn starch
1.5 cups of water

Mix the corn starch and cold water together then slowly combine with the play sand. Mix well until all of the sand is damp.

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  1. Bought moon sand is expensive! Thanks for this great alternative. I will be using it in my classroom soon.

  2. Can’t wait to try this…only wish i could find some clean sand…play sand is so dirty and dusty….

  3. Michaels has little tubs of colored play sand. It can be a little costly, but it’s a better alternative if you don’t want to use “regular” play sand.

  4. I’m going to have to try this, I made some using a different recipe that called for corn flour instead of corn starch but I couldn’t get past the smell so I had to throw it out. It might have been okay to use outside but the smell of the wet corn flour was awful. I will try this one!

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