{ Space Week Recap! }

So our first themed week of the year (I know, I’ve seriously slacked) is done. There were a bunch of other activities we could have done, but I’ll save them for when this theme comes around again. I’m going to do a Recap every friday so that all of our themed crafts and activities will have a “home” to be linked from. This post will then be linked in the preschool section above. =) I already know what we are doing next week and have planned it all out. Can’t wait!

Week In Review:

  1. On Monday, we learned about the Solar System and did a fun printable craft (poster) to hang in Lorelai’s bedroom.
  2. On Tuesday, Lorelai did 2 fun space crafts — an Astronaut and a Rocketship.
  3. On Wednesday, Lorelai did a Moon Activity, in which she learned about how the moon got its craters. She also did a Moon Phase craft to hang in her room.
  4. On Thursday, we did a very simple and Easy Star Craft.
  5. On Friday, we ended the week on a fun note. Lorelai did a Spaceship & Aliens craft and made some Homemade Moon Sand.

 Clicking on a picture will take you to the craft/activity.

Great Resources for Teaching Space to Kids:
Planets for Kids
Science Kids
Kids Astronomy
Scholastic (moon)
Go Astronomy (moon of the planets)

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