Popsicle Stick Christmas Tree Craft


Christmas is such a fun time to do arts and crafts with my seven year-old daughter. I set this fun craft up for her the other day and she really loved it. She got to color and use glitter glue and gems – her favorite stuff! Materials – Jumbo popsicle stick – Strips of rectangular […]

Laminate Butterfly Craft


We are always looking for fun ways to use the craft supplies we have. Our friends at CraftProjectIdeas.com sent us a goodie box with crafty stuff recently and we’ve been having fun coming up with crafts with the materials. The “scoop” craft sticks, fuzzy sticks (pipe cleaners), glitter glue, and gems, and magnets that we […]

Popsicle Stick Christmas Tree Ornament


Christmas is just a few short weeks away and we have been on a roll making homemade ornaments for our tree! Today we made a simple Christmas Tree ornament out of popsicle sticks. It’s one you’ve probably seen before – it’s a classic! I had a little crafting station set up for Lore when she […]

Easy Turkey Bookmark Craft


I have had this craft sitting on my desk for weeks now. Lorelai and I made some fun turkey bookmarks and I completely spaced on putting them up on the blog. The one I’m showing you is our favorite. This craft is so simple and perfect for little readers — like mine! She has been […]

Popsicle Stick & PomPom Bookmarks


This little craftivity was the perfect thing to do when stuck inside one hot day. Lorelai enjoyed making up her own “funky creature” bookmarks. Now that she’s reading more and more, these really came in handy. We made quite a few creature bookmarks. Lorelai insisted on using tape on a couple of hers, which was […]

{ Cupcake Liner Butterfly Craft }


I’m proud to announce that this craft was 100% thought up by Lorelai, my butterfly-obsessed, five-year-old daughter. The other day, when we were waiting for the Coffee Filter Butterfly to dry, she ran inside to the craft cabinet, dug around for a minute, and came back for the materials for this one. She proudly showed […]

{ Easy Flower Craft }


Springtime is almost here! I know many parts of the US are breathing a huge sigh of relief right about now. And, while the temperatures in Houston never got too cold, I am ready for bright blue skies and fun spring activities. Lorelai asked me about flower crafts a couple of weeks back and I […]

Reindeer Ornaments

Fun Reindeer Ornaments!

I came across this pin from Momma’s Fun World a few weeks ago and knew we would be doing these cute reindeer ornaments this holiday season. We actually did these at the beginning of last week – I just never got around to blogging them! Lorelai was soooo happy to see these come together. We […]

Printable Popsicle Craft

Printable Popsicle Craft

Summer isn’t summer without a popsicle or three. So this morning while I was cleaning up, Lorelai crafted these all on her own. She painted, cut out, and glued down the treats onto jumbo craft sticks. The paper sticks are included on the printable, but I think they’re much more fun this way. Warning, do […]

{ Tissue Paper Butterfly Craft }

Tissue Paper Butterfly

Hey there! Happy Tuesday! Not that Tuesday is a particularly happy day for me, but I’m no longer sick so I’m VERY happy this day. =) Lorelai also woke up all smiles and silliness and was extra happy to know that we were going to do some crafts today. The butterfly above is actually the […]

{ Popsicle Stick Snowflake & Stamps }


We started this craft last night and ended up having to do it twice because I wasn’t thinking and added the glitter before the popsicle sticks were completely glued down and dry. I ended up shaking them all off when I went to dump the excess glitter – doh! So, we started over and Lorelai […]

{ Fun Butterfly Craft }

Finish products of Lorelai's Butterfly Crafts!

My friend Carey sent me a picture of a butterfly craft that she and her daughter made from felt. I thought it was so cute, and since Lorelai is in love with butterflies, I put it on our craft list. Unfortunately, we didn’t have any felt on hand (all of my scraps are buried under […]

{ Popsicle Stick Chick }

Lorelai and her cute little popsicle stick chick!

I was blog hopping and browsing Google for some inspiration for Easter crafts one day a couple of weeks back and came across this craft. I thought it was so cute and easy that I bookmarked it and eventually forgot about it until today. Lorelai really enjoyed doing this one because she loves Popsicle stick […]

Mini Puppets

Painting the puppets

I have mentioned this before, but Lorelai has been begging me for some puppets. I have been meaning to sew her a couple, however the timing hasn’t been right. After our craft yesterday, Lorelai grabbed the spare paper plate that was just sitting there and she starting making her own craft. She came up with […]

{ Santa Ornament }


I came across this craft here and thought it was really cute! We had all of the materials and paint and Lorelai asked to paint, so win-win. =) Ours didn’t come out as nice as the one shown, but then again, a 3-year-old did ours (though I assembled). A strand of hair got painted – […]

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