Easy Turkey Bookmark Craft


I have had this craft sitting on my desk for weeks now. Lorelai and I made some fun turkey bookmarks and I completely spaced on putting them up on the blog. The one I’m showing you is our favorite. This craft is so simple and perfect for little readers — like mine! She has been on a bookmark-making kick lately and this is turkey is just one of many.

011What you’ll need — a jumbo popsicle stick, construction paper scraps in various colors, small googly eyes, glue, glue stick.

017What you do — cut out the tail feather sections and glue them together. Then, glue to the back of a jumbo popsicle stick. Cut out the beak and wattle out of construction paper. Glue down your googly eyes, then glue down the beak and wattle. You’re done. I told you it was simple! A helpful tip: lay your popsicle stick down onto the construction paper and draw your tail feather sections… this will help you get an idea of how big they should be.

The best part about this craft is that it’s easy for little fingers to do all by themselves! Lorelai went ahead and made three other turkeys completely solo, though I wasn’t able to get a picture of them before she toted them off to her bookshelf. I hope you get a chance to make some turkey bookmarks before Thanksgiving!! Don’t forget to check out our Thanksgiving Crafts Round-Up for more fun Turkey Day crafts!

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