Laminate Butterfly Craft


We are always looking for fun ways to use the craft supplies we have. Our friends at sent us a goodie box with crafty stuff recently and we’ve been having fun coming up with crafts with the materials. The “scoop” craft sticks, fuzzy sticks (pipe cleaners), glitter glue, and gems, and magnets that we used in this project all came from them.

What we came up with is a laminate butterfly! I had the idea to laminate an empty pouch, trace wings onto it, and cut it out to make the butterfly wings. That way the wings are iridescent and can be decorated. It worked out GREAT! The laminate paper held up well under the gems and glitter glue.

Materials You’ll Need —
– scoop popsicle sticks
– laminate paper (already laminated)
– markers
– glue & tape
– decorative elements (googly eyes, glitter glue, gems, pom poms, etc)
– fuzzy sticks (popsicle sticks)
– magnets (optional)

Lay your craft stick onto the laminating paper. With your marker, draw the shapes of wings on either side. Cut out, then glue to the back of the craft stick. Once dry, have your child decorate the wings with glitter glue, gems, etc. Next, glue down the eyes and draw on a mouth.
For the antennas, I cut down the fuzzy sticks and used tape to stick them to the back of the craft stick. I’ve found the hot glue works best to adhere those to anything, but since I don’t have any at the time, I settled with paint. You can try regular school glue, but I haven’t had much luck with that in the past.
After everything was dry, I flipped our butterflies over and glued a magnet to the back. They are now hanging out on our white board!

I hope you make some of these fun butterflies! You can see all of our other butterflies in the Bugs & Birds section. Enjoy!

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