Popsicle Stick & PomPom Bookmarks


This little craftivity was the perfect thing to do when stuck inside one hot day. Lorelai enjoyed making up her own “funky creature” bookmarks. Now that she’s reading more and more, these really came in handy.

We made quite a few creature bookmarks. Lorelai insisted on using tape on a couple of hers, which was fine, but they didn’t stay together for very long. A strong glue would work best… we used basic library glue. As long as you’re gentle with them, they should hold up. My daughter is 5.5 and they have worked out great!

Materials We Used:
Popsicle Sticks – jumbo plain are fine! We used some design ones I got on sale a long time ago.
PomPoms of varying sizes
Any decorations – googly eyes, construction paper, string, pipe cleaners, beads, etc.

What to Do – directions are pretty much straight forward. Just glue your pompoms down onto the end of one popsicle stick, and then decorate each one. If you are using plain Popsicle sticks, have your child decorate them with markers first!


I hope you get a chance to do these fun Popsicle Stick & PomPom bookmarks! Thanks for stopping by! Also, don’t forget to PIN & Share this project by hovering over one of the photos and selecting the button.

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  1. Where did you get those great craft sticks? I have been looking online for something like that and can’t find any. I am a kids librarian and want to use these for craft programs. The problem is if you color plain ones, the marker color bleeds, if you buy the colored sticks, they too bleed when they get wet. Not ideal for a bookmark.

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