Tissue Paper Butterfly Craft

Tissue Paper Butterfly

Hey there! Happy Tuesday! Not that Tuesday is a particularly happy day for me, but I’m no longer sick so I’m VERY happy this day. =) Lorelai also woke up all smiles and silliness and was extra happy to know that we were going to do some crafts today. The butterfly above is actually the second craft we did, per Lore’s request (she’s really into butterflies right now). You can’t tell since the wings are tucked underneath of the craft stick, but they are actually hearts. I had some cute pink and purple gradient tissue paper and I cut it out into little squares so Lorelai could glue them down onto the wings. Add the jumbo popsicle/craft stick, some googly eyes, and a very happy smile, and you have a pretty cute Valentine butterfly!

Yes, the antennas were forgotten. Thanks for noticing! 😉

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