Word Practice: Zoo Edition

Make a Word at the Zoo Printable

I made another beginner word practice sheet for Lorelai, but this time Zoo-Themed. Instead of restricting it to certain word group (like with the Pirate Printable), I left the entire thing blank. Laminate or stick in a pocket protector sheet to use many times. Lorelai and I did “at”, “an”, and “it” words today. I […]

Practice Cutting: Zoo Edition

Lorelai cutting

Zoo week is here! So so excited about this one because we’re ending the week on Friday by visiting the zoo, something we haven’t done in over a year (oops). Neither of us were in a crafty mood this morning so we did our regular homeschool thing in the morning and added in this cutting […]

{ Ocean Week RECAP }

Ocean Week

Finally, a theme in which we were able to accomplish a lot! I think it helped that I dedicated 2 weeks to the subject. We definitely could have kept going. We will revisit this one for sure in the future! Crafts & Activities We Did: Sea Animals Memory Game *printable* Paper Roll Octopus Craft Seahorse […]

Sea Animals Printable Memory Game

Printable Memory Game

Memory was one of my favorite games as a child, and that seemed to pass on down to Lorelai. We play it all.the.time. The only difference is when I was younger, my brothers and I would use a deck of cards and Lorelai gets to use fun custom-made ones. =) Sorry about the cruddy photos. […]

{ Oceans of the World Printable }

Lorelai's Ocean

{ Download & Print: Our World’s Oceans Printable } This is another printable I made. Not as colorful and fun as most, but it does get the job done if you don’t have a globe handy – which we don’t yet. (It’s on my list!) We went through the different oceans and Lorelai currently knows […]

{ Jellyfish in a Bottle Craft }

Jellyfish in a bottle craft

I was so excited when I came across this awesome craft on Pinterest that immediately got up, grabbed the materials, Lorelai, and went to work on it. It was so easy to make and turned out really cute. My picture isn’t the best, but it really is worth making!! Materials: Plastic bottle (I used a […]

Printable Sea Turtle Craft

Printable Sea Turtle Craft

I posted a preview of this craft on LearnCreateLove’s Facebook Page yesterday, and here it is! Lorelai crafted this adorable sea turtle this morning. It’s windy and rainy out right now so we stayed indoors, hence no process pics. She had a bit of trouble with the shell at first but she figured it out. […]

{ Pancakes for Ocean Week }

Ocean-Themed Pancakes!

I decided to surprise Lorelai with a fun breakfast this morning. She loves pancakes (who doesn’t???). I decided to make them ocean-themed since we’re still on Ocean Week!¬† She was ecstatic, though I don’t know if it was because of the shape or because of the chocolate chip eyes. =) Use your favorite pancake recipe, […]

Printable Walrus Craft

Walrus Craft

Can you say CUTE??? Lorelai was so excited to do this walrus craft! She chose to make him pink because A) it’s her favorite color, and B) because it would match the dress she was wearing at the time. =) Lorelai learned all about walruses and how they live and swim in cold oceans near […]

Ocean Worksheets


I made these two ocean-themed print-outs for Lorelai to use for practice. The first one is a tracing sheet with ocean-themed words. She went over them in marker. You can laminate the printable or use a sheet protector to get more than one use out of it! Sorry, the quality isn’t the best in the […]

{ Growing Bean Plants }

Bean sprout

One of Lorelai’s favorite things to do at home is play in her sand/water table. We actually switched it yesterday to just a water table because the sand was driving me crazy, but a few days before that it was just sand. She loves playing ‘Restaurant’ in the table ~ hands me a “menu”, has […]

{ Ocean Waves in a Bottle }

Ocean Waves in a Bottle

I thought this would be a fun little craft/activity/experiment for Lorelai to do to mimic ocean waves. We actually made this once before, before LCL was around, but she was really too young to understand or even care about it. She LOVED it today! She learned about how oil and water don’t mix, and then […]

{ Transportation Week Recap }

Transportation Week

Transportation week was a fun one. Unfortunately, it was another that we weren’t able to finish completely. We’ll definitely revisit this one though since Lorelai had a lot of fun with it. Activities & Crafts: Tire Tracks Activity Basic Math ~ Train-Themed *printable* Railroad Crossing Printable *printable* Train Craft *printables* Stoplight & Stop Sign Crafts […]

{ Pasta Words }

Making Words

We actually did this one last week, I just never got around to posting it. We had a TON of leftover pasta from our dyed pasta experiment, so when I wanted to refresh Lorelai on two-letter sight words, I broke out the bag and let her ‘make’ words with it. I used the same words […]

{ Tire Tracks Activity }

Tire tracks fun

Lorelai had a fun playdate this afternoon at one of our favorite indoor play-places. I’m hoping she got some of that energy out, but considering it’s 7 and she’s still going strong, I guess not. After dinner she asked to do her truck craft. I ran this activity by her a few days ago and […]

Train-Themed Basic Math

Basic Math Worksheet, Train-Themed

I made a train-themed printable for Lorelai to practice math on. We don’t do much with math but she took really well with adding and subtracting with her fingers a while back, so I just went with it. =) I gave her some dried black beans (called it COAL!) to use as an aid in […]

Stop Sign & Stoplight Crafts

Painted Stop Sign Craft

Now that I have a few minutes to actually blog, here are the other two crafts we did yesterday morning. The first is a stop sign. Lorelai used the same white crayon/watercolor method that she did in this craft. You just have to make sure the crayon is colored on thick enough so the watercolor […]

Beginning Blends Printable

Beginning Blends

I wanted to incorporate some actual learning into our theme this week, so I made a transportation-themed printable. This one focuses on blended letters that come at the beginning of words. For instance, as shown above, FL ~ flower. My goal was to put a consonant blend in front of Lorelai and have her sound […]

Shape Car with Printable

Lorelai & her car

It’s Transportation Week! My husband suggested this a few weeks back and I was kinda on the fence about it, but Lorelai asking to do a car craft pretty much sealed the fate of this week’s theme. We haven’t done many transportation-themed crafts, but this week will be full of them! I’m going to stick […]

{ Rainforest Week Recap }

Rainforest Week!

Rainforest week was a fun one! I wish we’d had more time to finish all of the crafts and activities I’d had planned. I’m definitely putting this one down as a repeat in the future! It’s so vast that it could probably encompass a few weeks’ worth of activities. What We Did This Week: Printable […]

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