Learning Board 2.0

Our Learning Board. Uh, excuse the candle holder with no candles, lol.

A year and a half ago, give or take, I posted this post about our learning board. It worked amazingly well for us at the time, considering Lore was almost 2 years younger. She’s a bit past the animal & letter of the week now. Plus, the cheap board was starting to fall apart; it didn’t even have a frame, hence me photoshopping one on!

I came across this great steal in Walmart the other day and grabbed it up. This board was only $7! Yes, it’s still a cheap board, but it has a frame and I’m not embarrassed to hang it up. I did the words much in the same way, except I skipped adding the scrapbook paper. I also super glued magnets onto the back of the laminated titles. Last time I used clear packing tape. Again, it worked well at the time, but I like being able to move everything around, or even take it off completely.

Open Titles Printable | Open “Of the Week” Titles

Dry Erase Board
1 Piece of Cardstock
Laminator & Laminating Sheet
Super Glue
Small Magnets

Directions: Print, laminate, cut out, glue on the magnets, and you’re done!

Note: If my titles do not work for you, you can always make your own in Microsoft Word (or the generic one that’s already installed!). =)

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