Ocean Worksheets

Ocean Themed, Free Printables ~ Download below

I made these two ocean-themed print-outs for Lorelai to use for practice. The first one is a tracing sheet with ocean-themed words. She went over them in marker. You can laminate the printable or use a sheet protector to get more than one use out of it! Sorry, the quality isn’t the best in the pictures. They are crisp on-screen but kinda bleed out when printed. Lore wasn’t complaining though! =)

Writing & Tracing Words

Open Ocean Word Tracing Printable

The second worksheet is a combination of different activities. There’s a beginning letter/sound activity, a picture-to-word match up, and a line trace. Same thing as the last sheet; laminate to get more than one use, or use a sheet protector!


Open Ocean Activities Printable | Open Oceans Map Printable

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  1. THANK YOU!!!! I am part of a co-op preschool and it is my month to host. I’m doing an ocean theme and was having a hard time coming up with something for this week’s focus of letters. I LOVE the graphics and know that this took time to put together. Thank you for sharing!

  2. The map of the oceans combined with the ocean name tracing is perfect!! I’ve been teaching about the oceans for seven years and yours is the first I’ve seen appropriate for younger kids while also showing where everything is! Thank you!!

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