Sea Animals Printable Memory Game

Printable Memory Game
Laminate for extra durability

Memory was one of my favorite games as a child, and that seemed to pass on down to Lorelai. We play it all.the.time. The only difference is when I was younger, my brothers and I would use a deck of cards and Lorelai gets to use fun custom-made ones. =) Sorry about the cruddy photos. They were taken early this morning and there was hardly any natural light inside. Download & Print the memory game below.

NOTE: Print 2 sheets so you will have matches.

Anyway, we are officially done with Ocean Week! It only took 2.1 weeks to finish. I could have kept going though… so fun! I’m working on the ‘recap’ page now so expect to see that soon.

Open Sea Animal Memory Printable

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  1. Our Church is packing Christmas boxes for children overseas that are in poverty areas. My 3 year old loves your crafts and I had thought about printing some of the matching games and laminating them for the 2-4 year old shoe boxes but I noticed that your website said don’t redistribute. Would it be possible to get permission to include this since it is for non-for profit? (Samaritan Purse) If not, I understand. Thanks for all of the fun crafts for me and my daughter to do!

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