Jellyfish in a Bottle Craft

I was so excited when I came across this awesome craft on Pinterest that immediately got up, grabbed the materials, Lorelai, and went to work on it. It was so easy to make and turned out really cute. My picture isn’t the best, but it really is worth making!!

Jellyfish in a bottle craft

Tie off the head like this

Plastic bottle (I used a water bottle, but try to find a bottle with smooth plastic)
Blue Food Coloring
Plastic produce bag

What We Did:

  1. Tie off a “head” at the bottom part of the bag. You don’t want this to be too big. Also, don’t pull the string tight since you will be adding water to make the head larger. (see above photo)
  2. Now you’re going to determine how long you want your jellyfish’s tentacles to be. Cut off the excess plastic bag. I cut Lore’s at about 4 inches since our water bottle wasn’t too big.
  3. Patiently cut lines up the sides of the plastic bags, to just below the head, to make the tentacles.
  4. Fill the head up with a bit of water, then tie the string tight. Be sure to leave a little bit of air so you have room to push it through the bottle opening.
  5. Head first, push the jellyfish into the bottle.
  6. Add a few drops of blue food coloring.
  7. Superglue down the top so little fingers don’t open it and spill it!

A big thanks to Bhoomplay for this awesome idea. Check out her site for step-by-step pictures! =D

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  1. We made the jelly fish in a bottle for julie’s school project. I think it is a very creative project that the kids can get involved in and it is easy to make. We had fun make it.

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