{ Practicing Letters & a Museum Trip }

Practicing Letters with Dried Beans


Making Letters with Beans


Lorelai really needs to work on her lowercase letters, so this morning sounded like a great time to do so. On Pinterest, there’s this pin floating around where a ziplock baggie has paint in it and kids practice their letters by using a q-tip to “write” their letters in the paint. Well, I tried that, and it didn’t work. I used tempera paint, which the original blog post said would work, but it didn’t. I also tried different amounts of paint in the bag to see if that would affect it. It just didn’t work. The original post also said that finger paint would work, and I’m guessing that’s probably what the original poster tried. Oh well!

I moved on and pulled out our container of dried beans and a sheet of cardstock. I wrote all of the lowercase letters, Lorelai traced them with glue, and then she used some flat-headed tweezers to pick up beans and transfer them to the glue. She had fun digging through the beans to find “the right one”. Overall, this one was a success.

After we did some reading practice, we ate lunch and then headed out to our local Childrens Museum. It was hot and packed but we had a great time. We spent a couple of hours playing, crafting, and exploring. 


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