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{ Baking Soda & Vinegar Volcano Experiment }

Adding the baking soda to the vinegar

I saved this fun volcano experiment for our trip here in MD. My parents’ house has a big (dirt) basketball court in the backyard. So, this afternoon while my nephew and mom napped, we went out to do the little experiment. I filled an empty soda bottle (we didn’t have any empty water bottles) halfway up with apple cider vinegar. (White works too!) Lorelai buried the bottle as much as she could. Then we added in the baking soda. I don’t have exact measurements – just wing it! She was really excited to see the foam bubble up and out the top of the ‘volcano’ and spread out over the dirt. We repeated until there was no more vinegar.

Overall, a fun little science experiment that broke up the afternoon. If you’re using white vinegar, add some red food coloring to make the foam and bubbles look like lava!

A big thanks to Aunt Karen for providing the baking soda!!

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