Polaroid Word Activity with Printable

Printable Polaroid Word Activity
Drawing & Stamping
f u n

I finally had a few minutes to make this polaroid word activity that has been bouncing around my head for ages. Remember in school how the teacher would give you paper that had a box to draw in, and underneath there were lines to write a story? Same concept, but on a much smaller scale. Upon first printing, I thought maybe the polaroids were too small, but they ended up being the perfect size!

Lorelai drew a picture and then stamped a word. We have these awesome Melissa and Doug alphabet stamps – they were fun to rediscover after being hidden in one of the craft boxes for a while. All of the words had to be smaller, so unfortunately, she couldn’t draw a princess, dinosaur, or tractor. She ended up with a fish, de (her uncle), car, tree, cat, and an owl.

For multiple uses, laminate after your print and use a dry erase marker!

{ Print: Polaroid Word Page }

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