Hey guys! I thought it was about time to announce that we are expecting a baby in April of next year! We are all so excited, but none more than Lorelai. She’s over the moon about “peanut” and can’t wait to meet her little brother or sister. I have pretty rough pregnancies and am considered […]

Printable Chore Chart


Chores are good way to teach your child responsibility and get them active in helping around the house. We are big on chores here; our 7 year-old has a few that she does every day after homework and before dinner. Some of her chores include: wiping down tables, windexing patio doors, windexing kitchen appliance fronts, […]

Basic Chore Chart

A couple days ago, I made a┬áprintable behavior chart and then shared it here. Using the same template, I converted it into a chore chart! We definitely needed one for Lorelai. She’s been pretty good about picking up after herself, but I think having a dedicated sticker chart for her chores will help even more. […]

Behavior Chart Printable

Behavior Chart

I made this behavior chart as a last ditch effort to get Lorelai to behave – mostly around bedtime. She has been so challenging when it comes to going to sleep. Last night we spent 2 hours “fighting” with her to get her down. It has to stop… we are drained mentally/emotionally. Hopefully this helps! […]

{ Toy Explosion }

Pretty much my reaction to the toy explosion today.

One of my biggest pet peeves as a parent are the amount of toys my child has collected. Between birthday bashes, Christmas, random gifts from family… it’s just overwhelming. I had a system set up about 6 months ago where she had a bunch of small-ish bins in the closet filled with different toys that […]

{ Oh, We Are SO Here… }

Lorelai's New Behavior Chart

I didn’t want to have to resort to this, but we are having a really rough time with Lorelai not listening and just, in general, being a little monster. I know she’s just testing her boundaries, but I’m hoping this visual chart will help me out a bit. I’m also going to try this other […]

{ Mommy Melting! }


I cut Lorelai’s sandwich into a heart shape today and told her it was because she’s special and I love her. WOW. If I had foreseen the reaction I got, I would have started cutting her sandwiches into special shapes a long time ago. She flipped. Squealed her little Lorelai squeal. Jumped up and down […]

{ The Stuffed Bunny }


A couple of years back, I made/sewed Lorelai this bunny. It’s not your standard bunny stuffed animal… this one has more of an artistic flare which you know I like. At the time, she was too young to really understand what I made her. Today she rediscovered it. It fell off of the shelf in […]

{ Mommy Gushing }

"Unicorn" by Lorelai

I don’t talk about Lorelai’s “achievements” as often as I like. I mean, I do mention things here and there, but I keep my lips zipped more often than not because I don’t want to come off as bragging. But you know what? If she does something awesome, it should be acknowledged, so let me […]

{ When All’s Quiet… }


When all is quiet, I worry. Like the time I came out of the bathroom to find her elbow deep in the fishtank trying to pet the fish. The last time it was quiet, make-up was applied. No, scratch that. The last time all was quiet, she had greased her arms and legs up with […]

{ Potty Yay! }

One thing I can admit to slacking big-time on with Lorelai is potty training. I’ve been trying to get her trained, on and off, for about 6 months now. We’ll start, she’ll make a little headway, and then we’ll go back into pull-ups. Right before our trip to MD, I decided to hold off on […]

{ Sebastian }


Attempt #2 at keeping a fur-baby, LOL! We were walking down the steps outside of our door to go grocery shopping when Lorelai spotted a kitten at the bottom. Being the animal lover that she is, she pulled her hand out of mine and practically ran down the steps. The kitten spotted her and met […]

{ Wucking Heavy }

A little bit of the conversation Lorelai and I had yesterday: Me: Lorelai, please take your baby bed in your room. Her: I can’t, Mommy, it’s wucking heavy! Time to start watching my mouth!

{ Lesson Funny }

Last night in a last ditch attempt to keep Lore occupied so that M and I could get some stuff done, we pulled out the block box from the closet. She played by herself for a good 20 minutes and then was begging M to go build a tower with her. He went over, sat […]

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