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"Unicorn" by Lorelai

I don’t talk about Lorelai’s “achievements” as often as I like. I mean, I do mention things here and there, but I keep my lips zipped more often than not because I don’t want to come off as bragging. But you know what? If she does something awesome, it should be acknowledged, so let me spend a few minutes bragging about my baby. Might not mean much to most, but I’m proud of her!

  1. A few days ago, she completed a 24-piece puzzle by herself.
  2. Today, she did a 48-piece by herself. This girl loves her puzzles!
  3. She has completely mastered the 3 Mobigo games that she owns. Seriously, why don’t they give more variety in the games? They’re $20 each! There should be more than 4 or 5 non-changing games on each. /end rant
  4. She drew a unicorn today and it looks like a unicorn. (Picture at the top)
  5. She has to be the sweetest child on this earth, seriously. I woke up this morning, hair everywhere, face blotchy and blemished… basically looking like Death itself, and she tells me I’m beautiful in her squeaky 3-year-old morning voice. *melt*

So there’s my little brag/wub list. I could write another titled ‘Reasons she annoys the heck out of me some days’ but then I’d have a few more trophies for my Bad Mommy Award wall. 😛 It all balances out, thankfully.

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