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Chores are good way to teach your child responsibility and get them active in helping around the house. We are big on chores here; our 7 year-old has a few that she does every day after homework and before dinner.

Some of her chores include:
wiping down tables, windexing patio doors, windexing kitchen appliance fronts, helping fold laundry, putting laundry away, wiping bathroom counters, organizing TV stand cabinets, taking care of pets, wiping baseboards with dryer sheets (great for removing dust!), wiping light switches, cleaning room, making bed, gathering laundry to wash, etc. Of course, these aren’t all everyday chores. Most are once a week and we spread them out. Read this article for an awesome list of chores by age. =)

Grab your printable Chore Chart below! This page is landscape and should span the entire length of the page. Check your printer settings and make sure it looks correctly in the preview box. Enjoy!

*TIP: Stick this printable in a plastic sheet protector (or laminate) and use a dry erase marker to write in the chores. Save on paper!

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