{ Mommy Melting! }

I cut Lorelai’s sandwich into a heart shape today and told her it was because she’s special and I love her. WOW. If I had foreseen the reaction I got, I would have started cutting her sandwiches into special shapes a long time ago. She flipped. Squealed her little Lorelai squeal. Jumped up and down and then happily munched on it.

Halfway through her sandwich, she looked over at me and said…

“Thanks for this heart sandwich, Mommy. I love this heart. I love your heart also.”

Me: “You’re welcome and I love your heart too.”

Her: “You make my heart happy!”

Whaaaat! That is the sweetest thing ever! Complete 180 from the little monster that tormented me last week! My online mommy buddies didn’t fail to burst my bubble (lol) and tell me it was from Kai-Lan (TV show). Oh well. She hasn’t seen it in a long time since we switched to PBS 98% of the time, but I don’t doubt she remembers it from that long ago. It was sweet regardless. 🙂

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