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{ The Stuffed Bunny }

A couple of years back, I made/sewed Lorelai this bunny. It’s not your standard bunny stuffed animal… this one has more of an artistic flare which you know I like. 🙂 At the time, she was too young to really understand what I made her. Today she rediscovered it. It fell off of the shelf in the closet when I was getting the hot glue gun for the bow holder. I heard a squeal of delight from the closet and then little running footsteps thumping through the apartment into the living room where I was at the time.

She kept asking me, “You made this for me, Mommy? Because you love me?” and then went on to gush, “Thank you so much, Mommy! I love it! I love it so much! Can I sleep with it?”

😀 Talk about making my day!

Close up of the details. Lots of little pretties! 🙂
2 years later, she loves it!

I think I’m going to bust the sewing machine out again to make her more stuffies, since she likes and appreciates them now!

I haven’t really mentioned it on here, but she has been really challenging lately. I mean really, really challenging. Like to the point where I had to chill at a park for a few hours to calm myself down from a completely meltdown. 3 is a hard age. The screaming and tantruming, whining, brattiness… I’ve been missing my sweet girl. Thankfully she’s back, and hopefully she stays. I don’t like that other side AT ALL!

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