{ Potty Yay! }

One thing I can admit to slacking big-time on with Lorelai is potty training. I’ve been trying to get her trained, on and off, for about 6 months now. We’ll start, she’ll make a little headway, and then we’ll go back into pull-ups. Right before our trip to MD, I decided to hold off on the potty training so that Lorelai would be in a pull-up on the flight. I don’t regret that – a mom of another toddler ended up getting up 6 times on a 3-hour flight, and I remember thinking ‘thank God that’s not me!’. Anyway, I was cleaning out Lorelai’s dresser today and came across her little undies and decided to give it another go. She has done great! She’s started off right where she was before!

Except earlier this evening she had an accident.

An hour later, while M and I were househunting online, she came out of the bathroom completely thrilled and screaming, “I WENT POTTY BY MYSELF!” Sure enough, she did!

Fast-forward another hour. She came out screaming, “I WENT POO POO ON THE POTTY BY MYSELF!”

I was pretty sure she was joking about this part since I had just heard her rip a fart (she calls those “poo poos” sometimes). When I told her she didn’t, she flipped. She was so freaking mad. I’ve never seen my child get that irate because I disagreed with her.

So I checked. She pooped on the potty. By herself.

My child…. the one I’ve been begging for months for her to tell me when she has to poop…. pooped… on the potty… by herself.

Oh, happy day!

( And I think I’ve crossed a critical line, blogging about my child pooping. I’m just that excited.)

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