{ Sebastian }

Attempt #2 at keeping a fur-baby, LOL! We were walking down the steps outside of our door to go grocery shopping when Lorelai spotted a kitten at the bottom. Being the animal lover that she is, she pulled her hand out of mine and practically ran down the steps. The kitten spotted her and met her halfway – no joke, and was rubbing and purring against her legs. We couldn’t find the owner (I’m guessing he was just dropped)… we ended up asking everyone that was outside and he belonged to nobody. So Mayo ran the kitten back upstairs and we went to dinner and then Petsmart for new supplies.

In case you can’t remember, our last attempt at keeping a kitten was pretty much a disaster. Lorelai was younger then and she just couldn’t understand that she couldn’t treat her kitten like a stuffed animal. She’s been a lot better so far, and has learned that when the kitten starts playing rough (nipping), she can give the stuffed toy to him and he’ll play with that.

Here are some pictures of our new familiar…. Sebastian!
(By the way, he was ‘Bella’ before we realized while bathing him that he was a boy – lol)
(Oh, and no more making fun of me for taking “professional” pictures of my cat. It’s just what I like to do, lol!)

Lorelai woke up at 4 am this morning. She ran into our room and asked me urgently, “Where’s my kitty cat, Mommy?!”

Me – “He’s sleeping, please go back to bed.”

Repeat two more times before she was up for good. Oy!

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