Umbrella Bird Printable Craft

As a part of our Endangered Animals unit, we did this cute Umbrella Bird craft. Though the Umbrella Bird is not endangered, their numbers are unfortunately currently classified as ‘vulnerable’. Lorelai, my 5.5 year-old, is obsessed with animals of all kinds, so she was happy to get to paint this “cool” bird. She chose to paint him blue instead of black and he turned out really cute! Print below!

Open Umbrella Bird Printable

Facts About Umbrella Birds

  • Umbrella birds are large, tropical birds that live in the rainforests of Central & South America.
  • They are considered vulnerable since their populations are rapidly falling due to habitat loss.
  • Umbrella birds have an umbrella-like crest on top of their heads that they can slick back at will.
  • They also have a large inflatable pouch on their throats.
  • Most umbrella birds are black, while some males have reddish throats. There are other subspecies that are hues of blue or brown.
  • They eat fruit, small animals, frogs, and insects.
  • They live in the rainforest trees, which keeps them mostly safe from ground-dwelling predators.
  • Read more about Umbrella Birds here.

Video – cute Umbrella Bird song!

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