Asiatic Wild Dog (Dhole) Printable Craft

A couple weeks ago, we did a very cute African Wild Dog craft for our Endangered Animals unit. When researching endangered animals, I came across the Dhole, also known as the Asiatic Wild Dog. Lorelai happily painted the pup a reddish brown and chose to give him googly eyes. She did a great job cutting and assembling him as well – he came out so cute! Print below!

Open Dhole Printable

Dhole Fun Facts

  • The Dhole is a mammal that lives in Asia and parts of the Middle East.
  • They have large, round ears, and brownish & white fur.
  • Dholes do a whistle call when hunting. Experts say that each dhole has a distinct call that can be used to individuals.
  • Dholes prey on deer, wild sheep, rodents, and rabbits. They hunt in packs.
  • They prefer dense mountain forests or scrub jungles as their habitats.
  • There are only estimated to be about 2,500 dholes left in the wild. They are endangered because of habitat destruction, humans trapping and shooting them, and their main food (deer) being killed off by human hunting.
  • Read more about dholes here.

Video – short & no sound, see dholes in the Minnesota Zoo!

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  1. What a fun site! I’m an assistant pre-school teacher in charge of our art projects. Currently we are doing a dog unit. Was looking for a dachshund craft and also found which I love! We are discussing at least one dog from all the groups and creating as many as we can. Will also be talking about dogs from other countries and wild dogs so your African Wild Dog and Dhole dog are going to be used for sure! Thanks You!!!!! Sincerely, Christy Treffer

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