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{ Sandbox, Bird Feeders, and Tantrums, oh my! }

Lorelai has finally gotten over her cold, I’m happy to report. It stuck around f o r e v e r and we had to back out of a couple of playdates because of it. I’m getting ahead of myself, though.

Valentines Day. I made Lorelai heart-shaped pancakes and we made a heart-shaped pizza for lunch. She was thrilled to bits about all of the heart stuff. We also went grocery shopping and bought Daddy a little gift. My parents spoiled us with beautiful flowers (I got tulips and Lorelai got a potted plant with red blossoms – I’ll try to get pics this weekend.). Lorelai also got a beautiful Minnie Mouse watch from them. When M got home, he took us out to dinner (I didn’t want to go anywhere because Lore wasn’t 100% but he insisted). We ended up going to Lupe Tortilla, which I’ve heard amazing stuff about. I honestly wasn’t that impressed, but I’m not going to moan about it now. =)

A boat for daddy

Lorelai also made a craft. This is really her first craft that she’s done pretty much by herself. I helped draw the shapes (except for the bottom piece) and she cut and glued everything. She was so happy to give this to her Daddy on Valentines Day.

On Thursday we had a playdate at a nearby park with the play group. The kids got together and made some homemade bird feeders, which turned out really cute! We used bagel halfs, but you can also use orange peels (cut the orange in half) or pinecones. Lorelai really enjoyed herself, but also had a little meltdown because she didn’t want to share her bubbles. *dramatic sigh*

Homemade Bird Feeder Recipe

When we got home from the playdate, we found that M had filled the sand table back up with new sand. Lorelai was completely thrilled about this. I bought her some new sand toys from Michael’s (a dollar, guys – go get some!) and she had a great time.

Last night and today have been quite a challenge. Lorelai would NOT go to sleep last night forever and was just acting super bratty in general. She threw a few tantrums and I told her we were starting over on the “Chuck E Cheese’s” sleep chart. She told me she didn’t care about ANYTHING and continued to scream. So I told her we weren’t going rollerskating today and, again, same bratty attitude.

I’m SCARED of what’s in store for the teenage years. I’m pretty sure somewhere in this blonde head are a couple hundred gray hairs already poking out. =/

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  1. Abby has days like that too… it’s rough.

    Which Lupes location did you go to? There are several and apparently there was a split in the family so while they all have the same name some that went to one part of the family aren’t as good as the traditional. I personally love Lupes… so glad they have one here now… the fajita beef is where it’s at. 🙂

  2. I’ve been sick with the nasty cold too. I’m glad she’s finally starting to feel better! Maybe her tantrums are the end result of not having been feeling well. My little tends to do that too. The first day or two when she’s finally feeling better it’s like she’s using up all the pent up energy from not doing much being sick to act out. No fun for us momma’s though! I also wanted to comment on all your space projects. They are awesome!

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